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The Business &

IT Integration Challenge




All too often, CIO's and IT Directors view Information Technology as an end in of itself rather than a means for advancing business objectives.   At times, CEO's view IT simply as a utility function - a burdensome, but necessary cost which yields little strategic value.    Yet, with businesses  changing at a furious pace and IT budgets growing to match, neither position is helpful.

Research indicates that fewer than 40% of technology led transformation projects achieve the desired benefit.  Most businesses either lack the in-house expertise to drive change or are too focused on managing the daily support requirements of IT to focus on value-added strategic objectives. When strategic consultations do arrive, it often comes from infrastructure or software service partners who aren’t familiar with the organization’s strategic plan. 

Accendcio Consulting delivers boutique CIO knowledge solutions that businesses need to increase service response to customers, reduce operating costs, and successfully deliver a return on IT investments.  

Contact us and let's discuss how we can help you.

Deriving Value From IT

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