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At the heart of every organization is Information Technology— your systems and the processes that drive your company's success.  Yet, without the right strategy driving those systems, the value derived from technology is lost. This lost value results in more than merely reduced productivity and frustrated customers, but to thousands and sometimes even millions in lost revenue, significant project cost overruns, and diminished returns on IT investments.​

Since 2012, Accendcio Consulting has been providing boutique CIO knowledge-based solutions to hospitals and small to mid-sized businesses resulting in optimized ERP and EHR platforms, successful multi-million dollar project  implementations,  and reduced operating expenditures.


Are you deriving true value from your IT function?

We believe IT should not only provide support services but measurable value within the organization. Yet most small- to mid-sized businesses either lack in house expertise or are too busy managing the day-to-day support to focus on value-added strategic  objectives. When strategic consultations do arrive, it often comes from service partners who aren’t fully able to align an organization’s vision with IT.


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